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Community Safety Worker

Position Description:
CSW’s will serve as neighborhood-based conflict mediators, social service connectors and systems
navigators. They will work in the neighborhoods within the current CBCR grant area in Southwest
Madison. They will be present and accessible in the neighborhoods, work proactively to strengthen
relationships, understand and share networks of support services and actively seek out as well as work
to resolve neighborhood tensions that undermine public safety. CSW’s will work to build on existing
assets and attributes to improve neighborhood quality of life and prevent the necessity for police
response to low level neighborhood conflict. They will also assist in de-escalating tension in the
aftermath of low-level disruptions to neighborhood peace and quality of life issues.
As such, CSW candidates should have excellent communication and de-escalation skills, lived experience
with the criminal justice system, and be committed to working with community members, social services
and police to serve community member needs. CSW’s are expected to be adaptable, professional, be
able to take initiative and work as a team member. Ideally, CSW’s should have a strong connection to
the neighborhood they work in through work, family or as a current or former resident. Above all, CSW’s
must be hard workers and life-long learners with a passion for serving people who are innovative, fair,
pragmatic and level-headed.

Community Safety Worker:

  • Part-time employees, working up to 20 hours per week

  • Contract employees of the Focused Interruption Coalition and supervised by FIC staff

  • Pay is $22/hour

  • Preferred schedule: Monday through Friday, 3pm to 7pm

  • Weekly workload breakdown:

  • 50% (10 hours) neighborhood outreach and engagement

  • 35% (7 hours) follow up and referral

  • 15% (3 hours ) documentation and meetings


  • Use of personal phone and vehicle required; neither will be reimbursed by Focused Interruption

  • Able to work in all weather conditions

  • Prepares and submits reports per contract and as requested by Supervisor

  • Enters timely program information into appropriate data management system; documents detailed case notes and other items as assigned

  • Attends regular staff meetings, partner meetings, one on one supervision meetings, and community meetings as instructed by Supervisor

  • Participates in all mandatory trainings and undertakes any training and professional development as required to ensure effective work

  • CSW’s shall remain in sight of their CSW partner at all times

  • CSW’s shall not be alone with an individual other than their CSW partner or other Focused Interruption staff at any time

  • CSW’s shall practice safe social distancing measures at all times; masked upon entry of a building or within 6 feet of another person while outside, and follow all covid-related recommendations from Public

  • Health Madison and Dane County

A Competitive Candidate may have the following:


  • A strong desire to serve the residents and visitors of the CBCR grant area

  • Availability to commit to the pilot timeline and preferred CSW working hours

  • Strong connections to Southwest Madison and experience serving the residents of this area

  • Established track record of serving Madisonians who have experienced trauma and poverty

  • Deep understanding of support services within Madison and Dane County

  • Established connections throughout the community

  • Lived experience with the following

    • homelessness

    • joblessness

  • Madison Metropolitan School District

  • Madison Police Department

  • Criminal Justice System of Dane County

  • Dane County Social Services

  • Experience and/or training in the following

  • De-escalation

  • First Aid / CPR

  • Peer Support Specialist Certification

  • Community Support

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Procedural Justice

  • Crime and/or violence prevention

  • A growth mindset and commitment to collaborative learning


Send an email to titled ‘CSW Application – Name’. Include:

  • Resume

  • (3) references

  • 500 word statement answering the question “Why would you be a good candidate for the Community Safety Worker position?”

Interviews will be conducted over Zoom

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